License agreement

Subject matter of the agreement
  • 1. This License Agreement constitutes Appendix No. 1 to the Terms of Service or Cooperation Agreement.
  • 2. Unless indicated otherwise, terms used in the License Agreement have the same meaning as given in the Terms of Service.
  • 3. The License Agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the Client, the User or other persons or entities to use tools, programs, applications, technical libraries, APIs, etc. provided by Floomli, in particular:
    • a) the Application,
    • b) the Portal.
  • 4. The License Agreement applies to:
    • a) Software for which Floomli holds the author's economic rights;
    • b) the Software for which Floomli holds the author's economic rights of other entities;
    • c) Software constituting a dependent work, to which Floomli possesses rights or entitlements.
License Restrictions
  • 1. The license granted under the License Agreement is not transferable.
  • 2. The use of the licensed Software (in scope of the License Agreement) is permitted only within the Application, Portal or Device.
  • You may not use the Software:
    • a) for the purpose of providing services, manufacturing products, etc. to citizens, public authorities or entities located in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan or Crimea;
    • b) for any unlawful purposes.
  • You may not use the Software with Device other than that provided by Floomli.
Fields of Use
The following fields of use are a subject to the License Agreement:
  • 1) collection of data from the Device;
  • 2) access to data via the Application or the Portal.
Territorial scope
The License shall be valid in the territory of the European Economic Area.
The license is granted for the duration of:
  • 1) the use of services in the Portal or the Application;
  • 2) one year from the end of cooperation in case of Software on Device.
Open Source Licenses
Information about the licenses for Open Source elements used by Floomli is provided in Appendix A.
To all matters not regulated by the License Agreement, the Terms of Service or the Cooperation Agreement shall apply.

Last updated on: 01.01.2021